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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

i'm a young artist looking to improve my skills and draw.

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I'm bored :B
Stolen from :iconreeiden:

Don't read if you don't like

1. Do you watch/read pornography?

Tria: I found some and watched it out of curiosity on my laptop.... I prefer reading stuff I think
Combiner:.... Why are you making me do this?
Scailon: I will read ocasionally

2. Would you ever consider making (acting or directing) a porno?
Tria: Nah
Combiner:.... TRIA. I want to LEAVE.
Scailon: XD

3. Are you a virgin?
Tria: Nope
Combiner: I'm not answering this shit
Scailon: I am not

4. Happy that way?
Tria: Perfectly
Combiner: =_=
Scailon: Mm-hm

5. Are there any friends you've thought about sex with?
Tria: Um... Yes ^//^
Combiner: You have like... 3 friends who you've kissed and thought about doing it. 2 were girls.
Tria: Shush up >//< You have Exy and Nira
Scailon: I have

6. Any of your friends you HAVE had sex with?
Tria: .....
Combiner: I'll answer that for her. YES.
Tria: Bin >///<!!!

7. Someone famous you would have sex with?
Tria: Ehm... No

8. Attracted to (men/women)?
Tria: Guys and girls
Combiner: Girls. I have no interest in dicks
Scailon: I will lick both
Combiner:.... What the fuck Leon???

9. Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?

Combiner: I will answer for both the others, YES. They have. Despite what Tria might say, she has kissed girls and had sex with one
Tria: BIN!!! >/A/<

10. What's your sexuality?
Combiner: Straight
Tria: Bi
Scailon: Me

11. Something that's important in sex that most people overlook?
Tria: Uh... Contact? I like having as much contact and touch as possible
Combiner: I don't know?

12. Do you masturbate?
Tria: Not normally
Combiner: No
Scailon: Nah

13. How often? Lately?

14. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?
Tria: Passive mostly. But aggressive can be interesting
Combiner: Passive
Scailon: Passive. I am the aggressive

15. Would you choose love or money?
Tria: Love
Combiner: Money? I don't know, i work for money, I don't have to work for love.
Scailon: Love

16. Have you ever had sex in the shower or the bath?
Tria: No
Combiner: Sounds fun. But no
Scialon: I have

17. Would you rather oral or anal?
Tria: Oral
Combiner: Ew
Scailon: Either
Combiner: EW

18. Would you rather be the dominant partner, or the submissive partner in a relationship?
Tria: I've done both
Combiner: Um
Scailon: Dominant

19. Would you ever want to be tied?
Tria: I might try it once
Combiner: No
Scailon: Don't

20. Would you ever want to tie someone up?
Tria: Yes >:3
Combiner: NO

21. Ever offered to tie someone up?

22. Anyone ever offered to tie you up?

23. Would you rather your sexual partner be shaved, or unshaved?

Tria: I don't care
Combiner: Chop down the forrest

24. Are you a flirt?
Tria: Sometimes
Scailon: People say I am

25. Where is the most romantic place you have had sex?
Scailon: Desert planet. Beautiful sunset
Combiner:..... Your partner is exciting
Tria: :^

26. Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?
Scailon: In the woods
Combiner: Oh come! You're just trying to one up us >:^

27. Have you ever been caught having sex?
Scailon: Yup
Tria: I've caught Bin and he's caught me

28. Do you own sexy underwear?
Tria: Bin bought me some
Scailon: I do as well

29. Have you ever been to a strip club? 
Tria: A cybertronian one. Scailon took me
Combiner: Wait what!? Why did I not hear about this???
Tria: Why? Did you want to come?
Combiner: Fuck no!

30. Ever been to a bar just to get sex?

31. Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club for sexual reasons?
Combiner: I was drunk

32. Ever been picked up in a bar?
Tria: Someone tried
Combiner: Was drunk

33. Pee games?

34. Have you ever been in an "adult" store?
Scailon: I have
Tria: Me to
Combiner: What the fuck you two??

35. Bought something from an adult store?
Scailon: Sexy things and condoms
Tria: Similar stuff
Combiner: I don't know you two

36. Do you own any sex toys?
Scailon: Some
Tria: One or two

37. If yes, how many and what are they?
Scailon: Secret
Tria: >v>

38. Does anyone have naughty pics of you or are you on film?
Tria: Hijack somehow filmed us having sex... I'd really prefer he didn't
Scailon: Plenty of pics

39. Your weakness?
Tria: Uh. The insides of my thighs
Scailon: Under my tail and under something else are incredibly sensitive
Combiner: Fuck you you don't get to know my weaknesses

40. Favorite features on a sexual partner?
Tria: For a guy. Tall and fit, I prefer shorter hair. Kinda similar for girls
Scailon: I could care less about physical properties. As long as they are kindhearted and have good intentions.
Combiner:..... I like big butts.

41. Have you ever had sex with someone and called them the wrong name?

42. Have you ever had phone sex?

43. Have you ever had cyber sex?
Tria We're CYBERtronians, does that count XD?

44. Your best features are?
Tria: Lips and butt
Scailon: Something most mechs do not have
Combiner: I don't know. Ask Sky.

45. What's your favorite sexual position?
Tria: I like being on top I guess
Scailon: Sitting on Rori's lap
Combiner: Can I leave yet?

46. Would you have sex with music playing?
Tria: Sure :3
Scailon: Sounds romantic
Combiner:.... Yeah. I would.

47. If yes, what song?
*Shrugs from all*

48. Favorite word for sex (fucking, humping, shagging…)?
Tria: Sex? I don't like 'making love'
Scailon: Making love is fine for me
Combiner: Sex works just fine

49. Whispering or screaming?
Tria: Whispering
Scailon: Same
Combiner: Screaming means your hurting them to me.

50. When you want to have sex with someone, what do you do about it?
Tria: Ask
Scailon: Rori says I whine at him
Combiner: I suffer threw it

51. Would you consider tying up someone and hurting them / being tied and having someone hurt you?

52. Would you consider tying someone up and tickling them / being tied and having someone tickle you?
Tria: Oh yeah >:3
Scailon: Maybe
Combiner: No. 'Cause it would backfire if I tied her up. I don't like getting tickled >.<

53. Would you rather be on top?
Tria: Yees |3
Scailon: Sometimes
Combiner: Eh

54. Sex on a holiday? (Easter/Halloween/etc..)
Tria: Doesn't matter to me
Scailon: Sure
Combiner: Same

55. How much would you do for your sexual partner?
Tria: Almost anything
Combiner: Alot
Scailon: Anything

Tria: .... Maybe
Combiner: NO
Scailon: Happened. Never again. >.>

57. Sex before marriage?
Tria: Well. Maybe. Depends. I didn't
Combiner: I did. So I can't judge

58. Pussyfart.

59. Tongue in your private area?
Tria: .... Yes >/v/< please
Combiner: Go away
Scailon: Yeeees

60. Tongue in your bellybutton?
Combiner:.... Trust me. You do not want to

61. Zodiac sign (yours, and sexual partner's)?
Tria: We're all Sagitarius. Partners are Leo I think. What's Rori?
Scailon: I'm not sure. One of the first few month I think

62. Tips to turn you on?
Tria: Touch my legs
CombinerL; GO away
Scailon: Touch my side and my tail. Kisses work good to

63. Have you ever been pregnant/got a girl pregnant?
Tria: Well... No
Combiner: Yes
Scailon: Yes. Sorta to both

64. Ever done any illegal drugs?
Tria: I caught Bin smoking Marijuana. I told him I'd make him eat it if I caught him again. Still burning or not.

65. Have you ever cheated on someone?

66. Ever been cheated on?

67. Have you ever taken a naked picture of yourself?

68. Have you ever taken a naked picture of someone else?

  • Mood: Lonely

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