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Triplets Spectrum Meme by eaglespirit1
Triplets Spectrum Meme
I've wanted to do this for a while

Gender: Scailon can pass for a girl in either form, and he doesn't mind being seen as a girl
Handiness: Bin can use either hand. Tria and Scailon are better with their right.
Education level: None of them have actually went to college or anything like that. But I'm going by how smart they are and how they would tolerate school. Scailon would be happy with moderate schooling, Tria would go to college but probably get bored of it and start slipping. Bin would be pretty determined to finish if he started.
Readability: They all can be stonefaced if they want to be.
Gender Appearance: Scailon's got curves most girls would die for XD
Sexuality: Tria is Bi, but leans ever so slightly towards Hetero. Scailon is Bi as well, but leans more towards Homo. Bin is straight as an arrow.
Romantic: Tria could care less about what a date actually entails XD. But can be romantic if she wants. Bin on the other hand, he'll go all out if you let him. Flowers, fancy restaurant and clothes. Everything.
Affectionate: For Bin, only with a chosen few. Anyone else and he's NO GO AWAY XD
Disposition (Outwardly): Bin can be kinda snippy and grumpy, The other to are cheerful and kind
Disposition (Inwardly)": But he's kind at heart, you just got to get to know him better.
Petty: I don't know exactly what petty means XD so this could be off
Sane: Bin ranges on the insane side of things some time. And of course the other two will break in the right situation.
Friendliness: I can imagine Bin actually saying that XD Ew friends. Tria and Scailon are a little more open, but they don't except anyone who just comes up and asks it. You gotta put effort into friends.
Graceful": Bin can be clumsy XD Scailon is incredibly graceful
Courageous: Bin, despite his saying otherwise, is incredibly courageous.
Lawfulness: Bin don't give a shit bout rules

Triplets :iconeaglespirit1:



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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

i'm a young artist looking to improve my skills and draw.

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I'm bored


dA Username: Eaglespirit1
Name: Hanna
Nickname(s): Eagle, A few old ones are Annie Oakley and Stretch. I'd like to be called Joey. Since I was named after a great aunt Johanna.
Gender and Pronouns: Female/She/Her
Age: 17 (Oooold)
Country: US
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Number of Past Accounts: None
Number of Past Usernames: 1. Changed it so it's long and complicated and I often screw up typing it.
First Username: Eaglespirit1
Original Join Date: June 24 2011. Shit I missed it XD
Premium Member?: Nah. I think the only things I'd use would be stamps and polls.
Watchers: 107
Deviations: 752
Favorites: 8,480


Favorite Digital Art Program: Photoshop. I'll also use autodesk on occasion. And GIMP to turn things trasparent.
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Pencils, and my fancy ink pens (Just under $9 on ebay and turns out they're like $23 new :U. WIN!)
Favorite dA Artists: Um.. There are alot XD
Favorite Movies: Transformers, Avengers, The book of the dead, The Iron Giant, Oh there's alot XD
Favorite TV Shows: Transformers, Wakfu, Bones, some other. Not as many as the movies section
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: I kinda just have random songs but I have a few repeated artists: Creature feature, Dr. Steel, Regina Spektor, Munford and sons, Marina and the Diamonds
Fandoms You're Stuck In: Transformers, Warriors, Maximum Ride, FNaF, Guardians of Ga'Hoole. I really only draw stuff for TF though


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. Or something similar
Religious Affiliation?: None. In my experience religious people are assholes =_= I believe what I believe
Pets: Joki and Frosty cats in the house. A cockitiel, Bucky, and a parakeet, Sophia (Although we think it's a boy XD). Andquite a few barn cats: Bert (Actually a girl. Acts like a lesbian), Iowa (Our only 'adopted' cat), Kirby, Amber, Dukie, Midnight, Sparky, Wico (I call him Jackie), and some kittens, Sweetie, Zar, Puff, and Mo. I may even have forgotten somebody XD oh! And my baby boy Possum X3
Number of Family Members in Household: 3
Scars?: As many as the stars :c
Tattoos?:  I would love one but not yet
Piercings?: Normal ear ones. But I'd like one on my nose.
Alcohol?: Fuck no
Drugs?: ^
Height: 5'7
Weight: 142 lb. I've lost like 30 lbs over the last year or so.


Digital or Traditional?: I like both. I jsut don't get the time for digital xc
Beach or Mountains?: Uuuum.... I like both. Since I've never been to either really.
Dolphins or Sharks?: Dolphins
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?: Why?
On sunny days, you: Go outside to help mom with whatever needs done
On rainy days, you: Stay inside and help her with whatever needs done
On hot days, you: See above
On cold days, you: See above

1. I live on a 3 acre farm
2. I have my own room which is fair sized but still not big enough for all the junk I have
3. I have saved since last September for a computer and have enough to buy one. But now have the dilemma of wanting to buy a plane ticket but I'm not sure if I should spend some of that 400 and let the computer wait a bit or try and save more up and just buy it.
4. I have really thick long hair.
5. It drives me nuts to have people draw my Oc's wrong. I draw them the way I do because that's how I want them, not so I can commission you and have them look like you tried making a bad knockoff. It's just... ugh >.< It' like someone intentionally drawing anatomy wrong.
Especially when they don't draw noses or don't draw the nose-plate long enough. I don't like my Oc's being noseless thank you.
6. I want a dog badly. But since our last dog, Diesel, who played with and killed chickens and two kittens, dad is adamant that we not get another. His excuse is that I won't take care of it. I'm 17, I take care of the goat, chickens, cats, and parakeet. How can I not handle a fucking dog? Fuck it now I miss Diesel >.<
7. My drawings reflect my mood alot. I'll draw blood, sadness, or loss when I'm sad. Fighting when I'm angry. And love when I'm feeling better
8. I love bones and anatomy. I have a small assortment of skulls and other bones. I have a full cat skeleton to assemble. But I'm not liking the prospect of cleaning it >.<
9. Combiner reflects my own personality the most. Not Tria. Which is who most people would assume I'm like. I never intended Bin to do that. It just happened.
10. I've cried many times only imagining losing a friend


How many OCs do you have?: 60 some XD? Over probably. And more always coming
What fandom do most of them belong to?: Most and Transformers. There are a handful of others that I don't even count.
Which one is your favorite?: I don't really have a favorite. I like each of them for their own reason. Although some do get more attention then others.
Which one do you draw the most?: Combiner recently. It used to be Tria.
Do you commission work of them?:  On the rare occasion. It's kinda hard since I can't get full pieces (No full refs). And the reason stated in the 5th fact above
Do you request work of them?: ^
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? Both. Tria, Scailon, and Bin are all paired to others. But my other pairings are all my own.

Do you roleplay with them?: Yup.

How do you keep track of them?: XD I just have them in my head
  • Mood: Anguish

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